22 November, 2015

Guess who made it onto INTERNATIONAL VOGUE just now….. see link…..

01 June, 2015

Andrew's interview with TreatNOW

TreatNOW caught up with Andrew Jose for an interview recently.

You can read it all HERE >

07 February, 2015

Runway - Spring / Summer fashion

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Love your hair

Who could believe it 10 years old !
I'm still very proud if my book 'Love your Hair' it's still relevant and used by many beauty experts daily..

04 November, 2014

English Eccentrics

14 March, 2014

Brides offer! - A Michelin starred wedding.

Andrew Jose and his friend David of London's award winning Pied à Terre restaurant have put together the perfect wedding day or wedding trial offer.
Having your hair styled for your wedding should involve relaxation, and pure indulgence. We like to make it fun, and so not only will you have our dedicated wedding hair specialists on call but you will enjoy fine Champagne and exquisite canapés from Pied à Terre.

In association with Michelin starred restaurant Pied à Terre we have two exclusive offers for brides. 1. Michelin starred wedding day trial: The bride and friend will spend 2hrs with a wedding day hair specialist and enjoy Champagne and canapés..
2. Your Michelin starred wedding day: A 3hr salon session for the bride, her mother and two bridesmaids with wedding hair specialists, Champagne and canapés

This service is also available at a location of your choice for an additional charge.
For prices and further information please call or email.

25 February, 2014



London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2014 saw models gracing the
catwalks with an array of gorgeous hairstyles. From Mulberry’s side
swept updos and Erden’s thick plaits to loose, flowing locks at Matthew
Williamson, Burberry and Ong Oaj Pairam. A trend was clearly there,
however – healthy looking hair! The look at Andrew Jose Salon.

Here are our top 3 looks from the S/S 2014 catwalk and the rundown on
how to get your hair looking just as fabulous:

For long, voluminous, healthy looking hair, as seen at Ong Oaj Pairam
LFW S/S 2014 show, your hair first has to be in good condition! Dry and
brittle hair will break easily, leaving your ends frayed and fine. Use
a weekly  conditioning treatment to restore moisture back into your
hair shaft. This will allow it to grow longer without the snappage and
split ends that are often seen on past-shoulder length styles.

To get the look when styling, apply a heat protective serum to your
hair, as well as a light-weight smoothing product. This will keep frizz
at bay and also help guard your hair against damage from hair dryers.
To achieve sky-high volume, spray a volumising hair spray throughout
your roots and blow dry against the grain of your hair growth.
Always make sure to turn off the heat from the dryer when your hair is
‘just dry’. Those extra few seconds can leave your hair dehydrated,
vulnerable and wispy looking.
straightens hair and protects from heat damage.


Styling your hair in a side-braid is a great way to let your hair dry
naturally in the summer, giving it a break from heat-related damage. In
the colder months when this isn’t possible, a side braid can be a
girl’s best friend on days when you don’t have time to wash your hair!
As seen at the Erdem show, make sure the braid doesn’t put too much
traction on your hair or scalp, as this can cause breakage and even a
type of hair loss called traction alopecia.
To get the look on unwashed hair, use a detangling spray to gently ease
out any knots and then apply a dry shampoo to your roots for texture
and body. If your hair is particularly frizzy, smooth on a lightweight
smoothing cream to tame fly-aways.

Suggested Andrew Jose Salon Products

DRYNAMIC: a revolutionary, volumising dry shampoo with hair and scalp
benefits. Adds body, bounce and Texture to hair, while reducing sebum
and soothing the scalp.

POTION 9: A Sebastian product that's 40 years young, this superb daily
conditioning and detangling styling treatment protects your hair from
environmental weathering.

Trilliant: An ultra-lightweight protection product that reduces the
appearance of dry ends, tames frizz and ads shine without weighing the
hair down.


  Retro, sky high updos were all the rage at the LFW S/S 2014 PPQ show. 
Again, for hair to be this shiny and healthy, use of a weekly 
conditioning treatment and a daily protective spray are invaluable.

To get the look, style your hair from wet with heavier weight smoothing
products, so no hair sticks up around your hair line. If you have short
hair, you can always purchase a clip on hair piece. However, we suggest
you don’t use these too often as the weight of it can put stress on
your tresses and cause breakage and even pulling out of hair from the

  Any hair ties used should be covered in fabric, as uncovered elastic
bands can cut into your hair shaft. The same applied for clips.

Bobby pins do not have to be covered, but be careful when removing them
so you don’t yank or snap off hairs!

To keep your style looking flawless throughout the day, use a
weatherproof ReSHAPER Sebastian hair spray.